10 Great Ideas To Impress Your Customers

impression-quotesHere are 10 great ideas to impress your customers you can use to promote your business or service.

Feel free to steal any of these ideas – and let me know if I can help you.

1. Get promotional business cards printed (I can get you the best price, I promise!). Leave them anywhere you can – restaurants, public boards, and hand them out to everyone. With a special discount or offer on the card, you can track your results. This is one of the most cost-effective promotional tools you’ll find.

2. It’s getting to be the end of the year, and time to donate some of your products or services to a charitable organization having an end of the year or holiday gala.

3. Get a magnetic sign made for your company car. I can find a great design for you – and your tax advisor will be able to confirm the tax deduction you can take by using your car to advertise your business.

4. Make Someone’s Day and buy them a meal (or soft drink, if you can’t afford more than $1). Then hand them your business card with a smile. That’s all there is to it!

5. Go to any community event and give away wristbands with your logo and a catchy saying. We can have them printed with your business name, or phone number. Everybody likes a free gift and these little wristbands are a fun and affordable giveaway.

6. Contribute expert articles to local publications or online publishers in your area. Editors are always hungry for content and great copy, and if you can share some of your expertise, you’ll attract more business.

7. Create info sheets on your area of expertise as a quick and easy –non spammy – handout. With your logo and business information printed in the text where they can see it! \ People like reading tips, and they like getting free stuff. Hand them out, pass them out, mail them out. We’ll do the printing for you and give you a great cost.

8. Send hand-written thank you notes. We’ll create a logo friendly thank you card with something to set you apart. Once the holidays are over, you can really make a big impact with a personal note (yes – people will be SHOCKED to see actual handwriting)

9. Send hand-written “Let’s Catch Up” notes. Review your customer and client files and reach out to the folks you haven’t talked with recently. Again, that handwritten note will absolutely be opened and read because nobody else is doing it.

10. This last one’s a teeny bit more spendy, but if you’ve missed the boat on ordering a logo gift in time to impress your clients, this is a great option. Give away a great book. Order in bulk a popular business book with golden ideas like Think And Grow Rich, Chicken Soup For the Soul, or the latest business guru’s best seller.

Inscribe each one with your personal message and a note about how you loved the ideas and concepts in the book. Send it to your top contacts, buyers, and people you’d like to do business with – who know you personally. You’ll look like a star

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