November Gift Bargains To Grab For Holiday Giving

I am always looking out for the best deals for you and I’ve grabbed some of my favorite corporate gifts with some juicy discounts just in time for the holidays.

It’s tough coming up with ideas, but when someone does the shopping for you, you save a ton of time and money on getting it done right. I think you’ll agree there are some fabulous choices here in my downloadable guide.

Gifts They Will Keep

Pens and mugs are fine for conventions, but during the holidays, you’ve got to be the guy that gives something fun and memorable. Keepable even. (Yeah, I just made that up…) The secret to great gift giving is finding something that they won’t give away or – horrors – throw away.

Here’s my favorites:

Jan Elliott Business Card Holder

For The Gals

I’ve put this one first because it’s a ridiculously inexpensive gift you can pop into a holiday card with your best wishes (see me about getting your cards ready to go!)

Notice the amazing color selections – which is perfect for certain kinds of businesses.

Here’s what you do:

If you’re a salon, a medi-spa, a dermatologist, or any kind of service business with women clients and customers, you’ll want to thank them with this adorable business card holder. Add your own business card in every one that goes out.

I’ll personalize it for you too.


Great iPad Stand For Anyone On Your List

jan elliott ipad holderWhen I got my first iPad, they had just come out on the market, and I didn’t have a lot of choices for covers.

These days, you still have to look hard to find one that is affordable and does the job — and — looks good.

This one does it all. Look at that ridiculously affordable price, and then think about how quickly your clients will get rid of the beat-up iPad cover they bought when they first got their tablet.

I spent over $40 on my first cover, and I’d gladly trade it out for a nicely embossed or printed version. At this price, you can get piles of these babies ready to give – and keep some extras for after the holidays so that you’ve got something to give away on a moment’s notice.

You’ll look like a genius.

Hey – for more brilliant and affordable gift and promotional ideas, CLICK HERE to download my latest specials for the month of November. Then contact me to get your order sent out pronto.


Jan Elliott has been helping businesses and corporations advertise their businesses with memorable, thoughtful, fun, and affordable promotional items for more than 20 years. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Jan brokers the best deals on the market nationally, so wherever you are, Jan can help. To reach her immediately, call (480) 694-0866.

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