Rampaging hoards attack holiday cookies


‘Tis the Season….It’s time to thank your employees or customers and what better way then a quality food gift that everyone can share.

There will be rampaging hoards – and that’s a GOOD thing! :-D

I remember working in a corporate office and seeing the administration staff putting out the holiday corporate gifts on a desk that everybody walked by. Every year like clockwork the goodies would start to arrive, and it just made that time of the year more fun.

The staff would put out a box of chocolates or cookies and I’d always ask them for recommendations on the best stuff before succumbing to my favorite.

Now, the men always seemed to go through the bunch pretty darn quick.

Picture your companies name on the box every time the staff walks by.

They will remember you, that’s for sure.

Food gifts have been rated the most well received item for end of the year or holiday gifts.

I can get you whatever you like from www.mapleridge.com if you order in time

So don’t dawdle.

cookie gifts for businessEach gift will be branded with your company logo and when the recipients open your gift, your logo is the first thing they see.

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