Custom Imprinted Calendar

Custom Imprinted Calendar

The Importance of a Custom Imprinted Calendar

I’m not trying to sell you a calendar…

I’m going to sell you what the calendar is going to do for YOU, the customer!

“What?” you ask!

Calendars provide “YEAR LONG COMMUNICATION” for your company. It will be in front of your customer “communicating” what you do for 365 days.

There are many types of calendars out there; desk calendars, wall calendars, strip calendars, business card magnet calendars, stick up calendars, appointment calendars… Let’s face it, we have many choices when it comes to calendars. I’m going to focus on one here.

Stick Up Calendars (or self-adhesive vinyl calendars)

These calendars come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Standard pressure sensitive vinyl calendars (3″ W x 4 1/2″ H) help your message stick! Choose your favorite color and shape, and create a custom imprinted calendar for your business. They are inexpensive, versatile and go ANYWHERE. Put them on a dashboard, on a locker, on a cash register, in a notebook, on a desk, on a toolbox, and in many other places!

Here is the best reason to give away calendars – REPEAT BUSINESS!

Let me give you an example how this calendar helped a pizzeria:

The pizzeria wanted to have a coupon program that ran all year long in order to keep people coming back in. So, they put the following into the custom imprinted calendar ad copy along with their phone number: Bring in your previous month’s calendar sheet and receive $2.00 off!

Now wasn’t that clever? The consumers kept their calendars and every month on pizza night, they had a coupon for $2 off a pizza, they were going to purchase anyway. So, with just one promotion, the pizzeria was able to put their name and phone number in front of many consumers while give them a calendar to look at and a coupon each month! Isn’t that value for your money?

Don’t just think of the calendar as advertising, think of it as a message board. Anytime you want to communicate a message to clients or employees for an entire year – think calendars!

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