Multiple Benefits of Sunshades

Silver nylon single panel 52" x 24" automobile or car sunshade with an elastic strap imprinted with your logo. Folds into a circle. Fits in the front windshield.  Good for employee recognition, giveaways or promotions.

Sunshades protect against the summer heat


Sunshades for cars and trucks have been around for quite a few years but many people are not really aware of all the benefits of sunshades.  The UV rays of the sun do a lot of damage to the interior of a car or truck.  The rays of the sun are intensified when they come through the glass windows of your vehicle and therefore they are doing more harm than many people realize.

Another reason that people do not understand how much damage is being done is because the deterioration appears to be a slow process when in reality, just a few unprotected days in the sun and the irreversible process starts.  When your windows are left uncovered, the UV rays of the sun can ruin the dashboard, sears, steering wheel and other interior components of your vehicle, as well as items left in your car.

Finally with the cost of rising gas prices, who can afford to use more fuel than necessary?  Without a use of a sunshade you will be running your air conditioner at a higher fan speed for a longer period of time to cool the interior back to a bearable level.

The use of a sunshade…

…can alleviate these issues and prolong the health of your vehicle’s interior components.

Of course you can purchase your sunshade at a local retail store, but wouldn’t it be a big bonus to personalize your sunshade with your company information, graphics etc.  Great advertising! Wherever you travel to in your vehicle, your advertising will be seen by many people.  Hand them out to employees and customers and watch how quickly they are put to use!  Chances are great that this is a product that will be used for years to come and how can you put a price on that kind of free advertising?

Call us for more information and pricing if you are interested in protecting your vehicle from the harsh damage of sun rays by purchasing your sunshades today!



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