Never throw away a computer bag, right?


I’ve got a computer bag in my closet that I’ve had for several years, and it keeps my old laptop safe on a top shelf.

Goodness knows I’ve got a lot of stored photos and files in it that I just don’t want to get rid of, and that bag keeps it safe and sound.

It actually has a logo on it from a business that I used to do a lot of work with when I was living in another state. I think of them fondly when I see that bag.

If you’re like me, you probably have a laptop or computer bag or two as well. Maybe yours has a logo on it like mine does. Point is, you never get rid of those bags.

Some of them are really nice, and pretty darn handy. That’s why I recommend getting your business logo put onto a cool bag that you can share with your clients and customers. Believe me, the WILL use it. They will love it.

We’ll put something together for you that looks awesome and will make people remember you. Your calling card will go out with their laptop bag every time they dash off to Starbucks for that quick meeting. It’s a great gift.

Hey, contact me here, and I’ll get you started on an affordable design that looks great for either women or men. I work with the best suppliers so you’ll get only the top quality for the best price.

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